mandag den 18. juni 2012

new blog

Hello everyone we have a new Blog We hope you will stop by and still follow us on bloglovin and so. Leave a comment and say Hej, look forward to seeing you all there

/love 2bytwin

torsdag den 31. maj 2012

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

We are sorry that we havent posted anything lately. But we cant post any more pictures, we have used our limit on pictures so we are going to figure out something, maybe start a new. If that happens we will post the new blog here so u guys can follow that one and we can follow u back :)


Marlene and Christina

onsdag den 18. april 2012

Jean Paul Gaultier for Diet Coke

In love with this shoot for Jean Pauls design for Diet coke, I Think its so much fun.
Hope u all have a good day out there.

lørdag den 14. april 2012

New In

Finally got my packet from ASOS and it implied that beautiful white dress and the top here that I had looked at for too long, the skirt I was lucky just to get my hands on, the color is so pretty pastel light blue. I absolutely love the pastel colors and feminine look this summer. The dress is from Aqua  Couture, top from Reverse and skirt from H&M

// Christina