torsdag den 29. juli 2010


I think that leopard print is a come back A/W 10. Also knit and the colour purple is just a few of the things we will see.
Shirt: H&M
Scarf: Pieces
Boots: Tommy Hilfinger.

fredag den 23. juli 2010

Blue shorts and lace bodystocking.

Shorts: Seen before, H&M
Bodystocking: No label.
Necklace: Pearls, a gift from my parrents.

Summer Lovee.

This summer my sister and I went to Sunny Beach (Bulgarien). It was one of this party holidays with a lot of other young people. At first I diden't think it was something for me because it's all about partying and drinking all the time and for two girls there are use to exercise every day, that became a challange. But overall it was one of my / our best holidays ever. It was so much fun, you met a lot of new gerate, fun, people :) So thanks for the new people in my life, to DUF the travelling agency and the people I travelled with.
By the way I bought this Jack Daniels t-shirt I always dremt of and some belly dancer scarves and bracelets, I bet u will see it all someday. Bye for now and we wish all youre bloggers a good summer.

pour me another glass of whiskey Jack!

Shorts: HM
merge belt: Pieces
T-shirt: Jack Daniels
shoes: All star
Hat: Pieces
red lips and red nails!

torsdag den 22. juli 2010

too much fashion ?

man kan ikke rigtig gøre ander end at være fascineret af disse tattoveringer, på den ene måde er de utrolig flotte og på den anden side tænker man at folk må være lidt crazy at få lavet en så stor chanel tatovering. too much fashion? det er op til hver enkelt at bedømme, jeg har en bøjle i nakken :) hviklet jeg selv er vildt glad for. but keep it up fashion tattoo we love to follow !

tirsdag den 20. juli 2010

søndag den 11. juli 2010

Please Remenber.

T-Shirt: By Malene Birger (Danish design)
Shorts: Gina Tricot
Bag and belt: Pieces
Ring: H and M.
Stud Shoes.