fredag den 23. juli 2010

Summer Lovee.

This summer my sister and I went to Sunny Beach (Bulgarien). It was one of this party holidays with a lot of other young people. At first I diden't think it was something for me because it's all about partying and drinking all the time and for two girls there are use to exercise every day, that became a challange. But overall it was one of my / our best holidays ever. It was so much fun, you met a lot of new gerate, fun, people :) So thanks for the new people in my life, to DUF the travelling agency and the people I travelled with.
By the way I bought this Jack Daniels t-shirt I always dremt of and some belly dancer scarves and bracelets, I bet u will see it all someday. Bye for now and we wish all youre bloggers a good summer.

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